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On-Road/Highway vs All-Terrain vs Off-Road: Find the Right Tire For You.

When there are so many choices for your pick-up, CUV, SUV or Jeep what factors should you consider when choosing the right tire for your vehicle.

A close up photo of the Terra Trac M/T tire on a charcoal colored car that is off-road somewhere.

When it comes to the investment that you make in your vehicle, tires are an equally as important investment. With your tires being the only contact your vehicle has with the road they play a big part in confidently handling the different terrains you encounter on your daily drive or weekend adventures. With that in mind, choosing the right tires has other benefits as well. Having the right tire can decrease costs of ownership for the vehicle and increase fuel efficiency. Tires can also help provide a smoother, quieter ride or the extra traction you need when the road ends and the trails begin. A driver’s needs change according to various factors. One is weather: driving in the summer is not the same as barreling through snow and ice in the winter. Also, tackling tough off-road conditions isn’t the same as cruising the streets and highways.

Considering Tires for Highway Driving

To choose the best on-highway tires, think about what you need under your vehicle as you cruise along on a paved road. What probably comes to mind is longevity, responsiveness, comfort and traction in slick conditions. Your on-road/highway tires have to be multi-functional. Yes, antilock brakes will help, but they can't do the entire job on their own. For extra piece of mind you want tires that maintain road traction to help stop in an emergency. These all-weather tires are quiet and handle excellently – and they’re perfect to compliment todays technologically advanced SUVs and CUVs when you want to use the interstate system to travel long distances or just get around the clogged and congested traffic areas in your own hometown. The Terra Trac Cross V and the Terra Trac HPT are both excellent options. The Terra Trac Cross V design provides all-season enhanced capability and excellent traction as well as low rolling resistance which increases fuel efficiency. With specialized features for grip and stability that you want at high speeds. They also have a silica infused compound designed to allow you to confidently grip wet roads. The Terra Trac HPT is a highway all-season SUV/CUV tire, designed for drivers who want excellent on- road comfort, improved wet surface traction and winter performance. The Terra Trac HPT is perfect for the daily commute with all-season drivability through an optimized tread design and durable construction.

Considerations for Off-Road Tires

Capable both on- and off-road, but designed for maximum off-road traction and durability than highway tires, off-road tires tend to be more rigid and sacrifice some of the comfort you would expect from highway tires to obtain optimal performance in mud, dirt and gravel. Off-road tires are M+S rated to provide all-season flexibility even in snow.

With the Terra Trac MT, there's aggressive biting lugs, increased siping and specialized scalloped tread that can push mud aside and help tires dig into unpaved surfaces. Another feature of these Terra Trac MT tires is style – the unique camouflage sidewall pattern makes lifted trucks or other off-road vehicles look great wherever they're going. The combination of function and style make for a great experience with trucks, jeeps and off-road vehicles.

On-Road and Off-Road, Too?

How do you get great tires that handle both jobs well? By splitting the difference with all-terrain tires. All-terrain tire options mean tires are made with tools to navigate less aggressive off-road conditions, but the tread has been engineered in a modern way that doesn’t impede handling or cause undue wear. They help with seasonal challenges, too. All-terrain tires perform in light off-road conditions without stunting your ability to move smoothly and quietly down the highway.

The all-terrain tires in the Hercules line-up great for both highways and off-road is the Terra Trac AT II and the Terra Trac T/G Max. Nicknamed “the tenacious tire” for a reason: the Terra Trac AT II premium, all-terrain tire is a versatile performer that takes all terrain to a new terrain, delivering a quieter ride and complete control. And with a sophisticated tread design that can tackle even the harshest elements, Terra Trac AT II is the practical choice for everyday driving on every surface. It’s also as an all-season winner due to it’s 3 peak mountain snowflake designation.

The Terra Trac T/G Max is another option for commercial applications. This worksite workhorse stands up to the most punishing environments while providing all-road capability for every season. The durable Terra Trac T/G Max is designed to endure, resisting cuts, chips, abrasions, and stone drilling, while its deep tread maximizes torque, so every commercial vehicle can meet its full potential.