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Welcome to The Hercules Power Program – Our value proposition is simple: exceed the expectations of our customers by providing unmatched profitability through access to a wide selection of quality products with exceptional fill rates.

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Fill out our form below to find out how Hercules’ outstanding quality, exceptional support and unsurpassed profitability help your business succeed without sacrificing what made you great in the first place—your independence.

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Volume Bonus

Program Levels that Fit Your Business



Annual Units 4000+

Quarterly Units 1000+

Premium $7.50

Core $3.00

Ironman Tires $2.00 per tire

Strong Guard ST $2.00 per tire


Annual Units 2000-3999

Quarterly Units 500-999

Premium $6.50

Core $2.50

Ironman Tires $1.75 per tire

Strong Guard ST $1.50 per tire


Annual Units 1200-1999

Quarterly Units 300-499

Premium $5.50

Core $2.50

Ironman Tires $1.50 per tire

Strong Guard ST $1.25 per tire


Annual Units 800-1199

Quarterly Units 200-299

Premium $4.00

Core $2.00

Ironman Tires $1.25 per tire

Strong Guard ST $1.00 per tire


Annual Units 300-799

Quarterly Units 75-199

Premium $2.50

Core $1.50

Ironman Tires $0.75 per tire

Strong Guard ST $0.75 per tire


Choose your commitment.  Collect your rewards.  With five tiers to choose from, you have the flexibility to set your own goals and grow at a pace that fits your business. 


Earn bonus payouts on top of your regular Hercules Power Program (HPP) Volume Bonus earnings for for growing your business with Hercules Tires. 


Compliant dealers on the Hercules Power Program (HPP) can now earn a volume bonus on qualifying Ironman Tires purchases. 


Need trailer tires?  Eligible program dealers can earn up to payouts on purchases Strong Guard® ST trailer tires.



With Hercules Tires along for the ride, your customers can cover more ground with confidence. Our leading Limited Protection Policy was crafted with as much care as our products, combing workmanship and materials coverage with a host of other benefits to create a comprehensive safety net - That will probably never need to be cast.

Mileage Coverage

Our tires are backed by the Mileage Coverage Plan—up to an incredible 70,000 miles on select tires.

Road Hazard Protection

Free replacement for any Hercules brand tire for two years or the first 50% of tread life.

"Trust our Ride" 45 Day Trial

We offer consumers the opportunity to experience the performance of Hercules passenger and light truck tires for 45 days. If they're not satisfied they can simply return and exchange them free of charge.

Workmanship & Materials

Free replacement of tires that fail due to defects in workmanship and materials during the first 50% of tread life.

Powerful Perks From a Powerful Brand Locator

Power Program dealers are automatically listed on the Hercules Tire dealer locator so consumers know where to find you.

Brand Awareness

From grass roots marketing efforts to national advertising campaigns Hercules is committed to driving more tire buyers to your door.

Incentive Trips

Work hard. Play harder. We repay our dedicated dealers with the opportunity to kick back and relax with exclusive incentive trips.

Product Evaluation

The Hercules Moab Adventure is a once in a lifetime opportunity to put our tires to the test and see some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.