5 Year Anniversary of ATD Acquisition of Hercules Tire ATD Acquisition of Hercules Tire 5 Year Anniversary

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ATD Acquisition of Hercules Tire 5 Year Anniversary

July 29, 2019

5 Year Anniversary of ATD Acquisition of Hercules Tire

This year marks the five-year anniversary since ATD acquired Hercules Tire & Rubber Company (Hercules Tires). Hercules Tires has been quietly redefining value in the replacement tire industry for over 65 years, and has done so by continually giving customers the performance they demand, the choices they desire and the affordability they deserve.

The strength of Hercules Tires is centered around its core brands – Hercules, Ironman and Dynatrac. Anchored by the Hercules brand as its flagship, the name embodies “strength” at its very core. After all, the name is the very personification of strength; with the strongman logo as its visual identifier, partnered with the tagline—Ride on Our Strength— the combination is designed as an invitation to put the power of the brand to the test.

But the story of Hercules Tires has many chapters. It’s the story of an ever-expanding portfolio of three dynamic affordably priced, quality made replacement tire brands, each distinctly designed and perfectly powered to meet each particular challenge…strongly. It’s the tale of reliability and confidence for independent tire dealers, fleets and end consumers that can rely on Hercules Tires to deliver the performance, security and longevity they’re looking for. 

Since acquisition Hercules Tires has become a cornerstone of the ATD landscape. Backed by ATD’s extensive distribution network and best-in-industry sales organization Hercules Tires has been able to expand the reach and awareness of its brands in the marketplace. Launching 17 new products, across all brands - from the Hercules Roadtour 855 SPE passenger tire to the launch of nine new Dynatrac medium-duty truck tires - Hercules Tires has increased the breadth and depth of its overall portfolio .

Over the past five years, Hercules Tires has also made a concerted effort to establish a place for its flagship brand of the same name – Hercules- in the industry among competitors through the launch of programs and brand awareness initiatives. Since the launch of the Hercules Power Program for independent dealers offering limited distribution, five levels of participation, quarterly volume bonuses and dealer promotions – over 4000 dealers have signed on.

In addition to a strong program, a renewed focus on marketing efforts geared toward the Hercules brand has also been put into play. Sponsorships, social media, print ads, B2B marketing, Google ads, televised product placements and grass roots marketing through the deployment of an activation trailer that travels the country to engage end consumers with the brand has the Hercules well on its way to carving out the top spot as the value brand of choice for consumers.  

Hercules Tires has accomplished a lot since becoming part of the ATD family and it continues to add more chapters to its story all while being guided by its core mission - Driven to exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers, team members and shareholders by providing exceptional value with our products and services.