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Hercules Tire & Rubber Company Celebrates 70th Anniversary

The Hercules Tires logo reimagined with a large 70 for the 70th anniversary.

Hercules Tire and Rubber Company (HTR), a subsidiary of American Tire Distributors (ATD), will kick off its celebration today of the company’s 70th anniversary.

Founded in 1952 as a cooperative by a group of independent tire dealers, HTR was established on the principle of providing quality products at an affordable price. The company has grown into the tire the industry's premier value leader with a comprehensive selection of passenger, UHP, UTV, light truck, medium truck, agriculture, and specialty tires under its Hercules, Ironman and Dynatrac brands.

ATD purchased the company in 2014, and since then HTR has become a cornerstone of ATD’s brand portfolio by utilizing its extensive distribution network.

“Any company that has lasted 70 years has focused on quality and innovation since Day 1,” said Stuart Schuette, ATD’s president and chief executive officer. “We have seen Hercules continue to grow by expanding the breadth of its products, the depth of its SKUs and its coverage across the country. The company is constantly developing innovative products while bringing value to its dealers and consumers.”

In the past several years, HTR has continued to grow through investments in product development, dealer support and marketing.

“There is a lot of opportunity for Hercules to continue its growth path,” said Joshua Simpson, President of Hercules Tire and Rubber. “As we continue to focus on marketing to grow brand awareness in tandem with enhancing our product portfolio we’re truly set up to be successful in the industry for the long haul.”

While Hercules Tire and Rubber offers a full line up of passenger, performance, light truck and commercial tires for a variety of applications, innovation continues to be on the forefront of the business model as evidenced through the launch of several new products this year, including within new market segments. The first market launch of the year was the TIS UT1 by Hercules Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) tire in mid-March, a collaboration with TIS OFFROAD. The company also announced its first tire for the agricultural market, the AG-TRAC RT45 R-1W, designed for four-wheel- and mechanical front-wheel-drive (MFWD) tractors.

While most recently completing its Strong Guard lineup of commercial tires with the launch of the Strong Guard H-LS for long haul steer applications. The Ironman Tires brand also recently launched two new products, a new light truck tire- the Ironman All Country HT and the Ironman I-Series Gen 2 in the TBR segment.

The subsidiary has grown and continues to provide unmatched value to the independent tire dealer through its Hercules Power and Hercules Flex programs with a network of approximately 4,000 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada. Investments in marketing continue to grow brand awareness via grassroots events, sponsorships, and television partnerships along with digital and social media.

“The Hercules team brings excellence to the forefront every day,” Schuette said. “As the industry continues to change, they will be there with new products to serve the needs of Hercules dealers and the marketplace.”

HTR will commemorate the milestone anniversary across its Hercules Tires social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Fans will have an opportunity to interact and win branded merchandise, apparel and accessories by submitting a photo of their Hercules Tires with the hashtag #Hercules70.

The 70th Anniversary social media giveaway kicks off on Friday, September 23, and ends on Friday, September 30. Three winners – one each will be selected per channel – will be announced via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on Monday, October 3.