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How to Choose the Best Trailer Tires for Your Summer Adventures

Go the distance with the right tires for your boat, RV, or ATV trailer

A white pickup truck is towing a large white travel trailer along a scenic highway. The road is flanked by green pine trees on the left and a river on the right. In the background, there are  snow-capped mountains under a partly cloudy sky.

As temperatures rise and days lengthen, summer encourages outdoor enthusiasts to embrace adventure. This means hitting the open road with trailers in tow; hauling boats for aquatic excursions, transporting ATVs for off-road thrills, or towing 5th-wheel RVs for summer road trips. Before embarking on these summer endeavors, it's important to ensure that your trailer tires are prepared for the journey.

Unlike tires for passenger vehicles, special trailer tires are designed to withstand unique stresses and conditions, including heavy loads, prolonged periods of inactivity, and exposure to harsh elements. Read on to learn how selecting the appropriate trailer tires can significantly impact the smoothness of your travels.

The Hercules Strong Guard ST is outside on a Hercules-branded boat trailer.

The Hercules Strong Guard ST adds additional muscle to tough jobs like hauling boats, trailers, equipment, and more.

Boat Trailer Tires: Navigating Marinas and Launch Ramps

For boating enthusiasts, a dependable trailer is essential for transporting vessels to and from waterways. Whether towing a sleek speedboat or a sturdy fishing rig, investing in high-quality boat trailer tires is crucial for peace of mind on the road.

Look for boat trailer tires featuring enhanced tread patterns for improved traction on boat ramps and reinforced sidewalls to endure the demands of towing heavy watercraft. Additionally, prioritize tires constructed with corrosion-resistant materials to withstand exposure to saltwater and other marine elements, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Your Best Match: H-901 Highway All-Steel Commercial ST

Hercules H-901 Highway All-Steel Commercial STs are made for the extremes. Coming in four different sizes from 15 - 16 inches, the H-901 Highway All-Steel Commercial ST offers enhanced stability and strength, ensuring muscle for the tough jobs that demand it.

As members of Team Hercules, Pro Anglers Josh Bertrand and Josh Douglas depend on Hercules Trailer Tires to get them to and from tournaments.

Josh Bertrand, a professional bass angler at Major League Fishing, outside leaning against his vehicle towing a fishing boat on Hercules trailer tires.

Professional bass angler, Josh Bertrand trusts Hercules trailer tires to tow his boat to and from tournaments.

Josh Douglas, a professional bass angler, outside in front of his black truck towing a fishing boat on Hercules trailer tires.

Josh Douglas is a professional bass angler who trusts the strength Hercules trailer tires provide in his journey to tournaments.

Hercules H-901 Tire on a white background skewed to the left.

The Hercules H-901 Highway All-Steel Commercial ST offers enhanced stability and strength, ensuring muscle for the tough jobs that demand it.

ATV/UTV Trailer Tires: Conquering Off-Road Terrain

For adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts – like fans of the TIS UT1 UTV/ATV tires – ATV/UTV trailers unlock access to adventure in remote and rugged terrain. Whether exploring forest trails, conquering sand dunes, or navigating rocky mountain paths, robust trailer tires are essential for tackling the challenge.

Seek ATV/UTV trailer tires equipped with aggressive tread patterns and durable construction to navigate off-road conditions confidently. Features such as deep grooves and reinforced casings provide enhanced traction and resistance to punctures and abrasions, enabling seamless traversal of challenging terrain.

Your Best Match: Strong Guard ST

The Strong Guard ST is a radial specialty trailer built for confident towing no matter where the adventure takes you. Ranging in size from 13 to 16 inches, these tires are constructed with high-tensile steel belts reinforced with two nylon cap plies providing durability and dependability when towing heavy loads. The Strong Guard ST is perfect for your ATV or UTV trailer.

The Hercules Strong Guard ST outside on a hauling trailer.

The Hercules Strong Guard ST provides durability and dependability when towing heavy loads.

5th Wheel RVs: Trailer Tires for Road Trip Comfort

For travelers seeking road trip luxury, 5th-wheel RVs offer spacious accommodations and the comforts of home on wheels. However, towing these sizable trailers necessitates sturdy tires capable of managing the load and ensuring stability and control on the highway.

When selecting 5th-wheel RV tires, consider factors such as load rating, tire size, and tread design to optimize performance. Choose trailer tires engineered specifically for RV applications, featuring reinforced sidewalls for added strength and stability, as well as advanced tread compounds for improved grip and durability.

Your Best Match: Strong Guard C-ST

The Strong Guard C-ST is a premium-built, all-steel ST tire, offered in three key 15”-16" sizes to meet the demands of heavy hauling for recreational use. The optimized tread depth and upgraded compound allow for improved durability and heat dissipation forging a tire built for tough, heavy-duty hauling. The Strong Guard C-ST is perfect for hauling your 5th-wheel to your vacation destination.

Two Hercules Strong Guard C-ST tires on a white background. One tire is skewed to the left and the other tire is forward-facing.

The Hercules Strong Guard C-ST is optimized for tough, heavy-duty hauling.

As you prepare for summer adventures with your trailer, prioritize the selection of appropriate tires. By choosing tires tailored to your trailer's intended use, and maintaining proper inflation and maintenance, you can embark on your journey with confidence, knowing your tires are equipped to transport you to your destination with confidence.

Still looking for the right trailer tires for your load, lifestyle and long-distance driving needs? Our team at Hercules Tires is here to help. Click here to find a Hercules Tires dealer near you today.