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Stories of Strength: Meet Barb Horne of Moab, Utah

Off-Roading Enthusiast and Co-Owner of High Desert 4-Wheel Drive

As a “Herculean” tire brand, our tagline at Hercules Tires is “Ride on Our Strength”.

Our strength is demonstrated by 70+ years of industry experience, our products, and our people – partners, dealers, and customers alike!

With our new profile series, “Stories of Strength”, we’re sharing the stories of uniquely strong individuals who not only ride strong with Hercules Tires but also inspire others with their strength.

Barb Horne Offroad Racing Moab Utah Hercules Tires

In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, we are proud to introduce Barb Horne of Moab, Utah, to our online community. Alongside her role as Jim Horne's supportive wife and off-road racing partner at Team Hercules events, Barb is the Co-Owner of High Desert 4-Wheel Drive. Read on to explore her exciting adventures with Hercules Tires and discover how strength has influenced her on and off-road endeavors!

What fueled your passion for off-roading?

My love for off-roading began in the 80's as a kid. I remember packing up in my parents’ Chevy Blazer and taking some of the best trips of my life.

After graduating high school I moved to the West with my husband Jim – from Lake Ozarks to Northern California. Living in the West fueled my passion for the outdoors and being off-road. Several years, and two kids later, my husband and I found ourselves living in Moab, Utah with our Jeep tour and rental business, High Desert 4-Wheel Drive. With Moab being the mecca for all things off-road, [living here] really escalated my career in off-road racing.

What type of strength is required for off-road racing, and why?

Racing takes all kinds of strength, mental and physical. Sometimes we're in the truck for seventeen hours and five hundred miles. A lot of people can't believe that husband and wife can be in the truck that long, under such stressful circumstances, and not kill each other. I'll just say it can be the best and worst time of my life. Haha!

Barb Horne Jim Horne Offroad Racing Moab Utah Hercules Tires

The word “strength” can be defined as “the quality or state of being physically strong” – but how do you, personally, define strength?

Strength for me has always been internal. A good example, having the ability to persevere when you're going through your darkest hour, while still giving love and support to the most important people in your life.

Describe a time in your life that you’ve had to demonstrate a great deal of strength. How did you get through it?

I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. I have to say that was one of the toughest times in my life. What I went through, not only once, but twice, defines the word strength on every level. It wasn't just a physical fight, with surgeries and recoveries; the mental aspect of the day-to-day was extremely frightening. I got through it with support, not only from my family and friends but looking inside and drawing every ounce of strength I had. It sounds crazy, but I didn't know just how strong I was until I had to be. I didn't want anyone to know what I was going through on the inside, especially my kids.

Who and/or what empowers you and your strength?

My family is everything that I am. There is nothing more important to me than to feel needed. It empowers me and gives me the strength to give them everything I possibly can to make it through whatever they need to. I've been married to Jim for thirty-two years and enjoy spending my free time with our family. We have a son, Jake, a daughter Kenzie, a son-in-law Trevor, and two grandkids, Lennon and Weston.

Barb Horne Jim Horne Offroad Racing Moab Utah Hercules Tires TIS TT1

What are the three signs of a strong person?

Being able to love, sacrifice, and forgive.

What is one tip or word of advice you’d give to help someone stay strong during tough times?

I would have to say never give up. Sometimes it's not always easy, but just do the best you can. Also, it's okay to lean on someone when you need to. Even the strongest people get tired. After all, we are all human.