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Power Your Off-Road Adventures with the TIS UT1 by Hercules Tires

By: Steven Liu, Hercules Tires

A close up photo of the TIS UT1 tire on a red off road vehicle in a showroom.

Developing new tires is a large part of my job. So, when I get a chance to build a tire that works for just about everyone, I’m pretty happy. And I’m pretty happy about the new Hercules Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) tire.

In the works since 2020, the TIS UT1 is Hercules’ first UTV tire for use on side-by-sides, with siping and grooves to take on any trail. Hercules has been making car and truck tires since 1952, and this tire shows how we can bring innovative features to the broad segment of people who enjoy driving UTVs. We’ve applied our decades of knowledge to build an aggressive max all-terrain tread pattern specifically designed for these vehicles.

To help it stand out from the competition, we worked closely with Myles Kovacs, president and co-founded of TIS Wheels. Myles knows what makes tires work in tough, off-road conditions. He’s a motocross racer on weekends. He’s also raced and finished in the Baja 1000, the annual off-road race held on the Baja California Peninsula. He knows ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes – and he knows tires.

Why Offer a New UTV Tire?

That’s easy. We know car enthusiasts want a tire that matches the performance of their vehicle when driving on trails and rough terrain. We also know that more people want to customize their vehicles; they want a tire that fits their personality. And we think we’ve done this. Our new tire comes in six sizes, ranging from 28 inches to 35 inches and fitting 14-inch and 15-inch wheel diameters. 

We tested this tire for over 300 hours in some of the most challenging and dynamic environments, from Moab, Utah, to Barstow, California, to Talladega, Alabama.  And after driving on rocks, dirt, silt and mud, we’re even more confident in what this tire will bring to the market for consumers.  Check out this VIDEO.

The TIS UT1 has several features that I believe any driver will like. It’s a tire that works for people out for a fun ride on weekends, going fishing, hunting or rock climbing. But it’s also for the rancher who needs to get work done in tough environment.

For those considering purchasing new tires for their UTV or ATV, here are some important features of our new tire:

The Look. We wanted to give any driver a bold-looking tire they can customize for their own vehicle. The dual sidewall design makes this possible while adding sidewall impact resistance. One side of the tire features a more subdued-looking sidewall, while the other sidewall has a more aggressive-looking design. UTV drivers can customize the look of their vehicle with two different sidewall designs on one tire, yet at a price everyone can afford.

It’s Versatile. The tire’s center and intermediate tread block design provides superior grip and easily moves over rocks and other objects when riding on rugged trails. At the same time, the tread and shoulder areas consist of a dual compound, which will maximize the tire’s tread life and rock crawling performance.

For the increasing number of people who are driving UTVs for everyday needs, it provides optimum performance, whether driving down the highway or to the hardware store. Even if you never take it off road, it’s still a tire that performs well.

Reliability and Durability. The tire’s unique handling ability was the top comment I heard from the 50 tire dealers who tested the TIS UT1 at Moab. Its optimized footprint and tread design creates lateral stability, maximum handling, and confidence in control during acceleration and braking. In addition, the biting edges on the tread blocks offer excellent traction in a variety of surface elements.

Unique Wheels. There are two new UTV/ATV wheel styles available in seven finishes at launch. The 558 is a mesh style wheel available in satin black, anthracite gray, bronze and gloss black with milled accents. The 559 is an aggressive concave 8-spoke design available in bronze, anthracite gray and satin black. These unique wheels will make a real difference in any vehicle’s look and performance.

As with all our tires, the TIS UT1 is backed by the Hercules Performance Promise, which provides a 24-month limited protection policy for workmanship and materials. To find a dealer near you click here .