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TIS OFFROAD UT1 by Hercules Tires

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Whether it’s work or recreation, the all-new TIS UT1 by Hercules is the best all terrain UTV tire to take you further. Created in collaboration with the off-road division of TIS Wheels, this aggressive 8 ply UTV tire was specifically designed to complement the performance of today’s most popular SxS vehicles such as: Can-Am, Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki brands.


Introducing a bold new entry into the Hercules Tires off-road family.

Strap in, start it up, and step up to a UTV tire with the features, performance, and looks to take you there…and beyond.

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Features and Benefits

  1. Balanced void ratio and innovative biting edges on the tread blocks enable confident navigation and agility to drive off-road in a variety of terrains, such as sand, silt, loose rocks, gravel, dirt, and soil
  2. Center and intermediate tread blocks are designed to provide a stable foundation and superior grip on rocks and slick surfaces while enveloping objects to confidently ride on rugged trails
  3. Sophisticated scalloped shoulder lug design incorporates elongated stone ejectors to help release mud for continuous traction while effectively reducing stone retention and drilling from rocks and loose soil
  4. Inclined deep and wide grooves enhance traction from any angle while maximizing debris-cleaning capability
  5. A unique system of features including an optimized footprint and tread design creates stability, maximum handling, and confident control during acceleration and braking regardless of the terrain

*Rugged 8-ply construction and a specialized dual compound between the tread and shoulder enhances durability for rock-crawling performance and increases tire life by protecting against punctures and sidewall damage

Double Identity

Today’s UTV | ATV drivers connect with their vehicles on a personal level, as evidenced by the custom designs and finishes they select for their vehicles. The UT1 by Hercules provides affordable tires that allow enthusiasts options to customize the look of their ride offering two unique sidewall designs in one tire.

Performance Promise

The TIS UT1 by Hercules is backed by our industry-leading Performance Promise protection plan coverage if your UTV tire becomes unserviceable due to a defect in workmanship or materials at NO CHARGE for 24 months from the original tire manufacture date or date of purchase.

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Hercules Tires offers the most popular radial UTV tire sizes ranging from 28 inch UTV tires up to 35 inch UTV tire sizes.







28X10.00R14/8 J RBL 7-8.5 737 36 28 10.00 22 32.63
30X10.00R14/8 J RBL 7-8.5 880 36 30 10.00 22 37.04
32X10.00R14/8 J RBL 7-8.5 1045 36 32 10.00 22 41.67

30X10.00R15/8 J RBL 7-8.5 935 36 30 10.00 22 36.16
32X10.00R15/8 J RBL 7-8.5 1072 36 32 10.00 22 40.56
35X10.00R15/8 (COMING SOON) J RBL 7-8.5 1320 36 35 10.00 22 46.96

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