Hercules | H-702 Closed Shoulder Drive
Hercules H-702 Closed Shoulder Drive Commercial Light Truck | All-Steel
Hercules H-702 Closed Shoulder Drive Commercial Light Truck | All-Steel

Hercules H-702 LT Commercial Light Truck | All-Steel

The Hercules H-702 LT All Steel – A Force of Nature.

Designed for both short- and long-haul applications, the H-702 LT All-Steel tire combines heavy-duty design with high-performance versatility. The H-702 is built using environmentally friendly technology and features an all-steel casing that allows for excellent retread ability, giving commercial vehicles a sustainable option that doesn’t sacrifice any specs.

Features & Benefits

  • Premium closed shoulder design delivers enhanced durability.
  • Solid shoulder provides superior stability and resistance to irregular wear.
  • Rib sipes increase traction on wet surfaces.
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Performance Ratings*

Dry Handling


Wet Performance


Tread Life


Off-Road Performance


Winter Performance


Ride Comfort


Performance Promise*

H-702 Closed Shoulder Drive 5-Year

5-Year: Backed by a 5 year Limited Protection Policy covering defects in workmanship and materials.

H-702 Closed Shoulder Drive Workmanship & Materials

Workmanship & Materials: If this tire becomes unserviceable due to a flaw in workmanship or materials, we will replace it at no charge during the first 50% of tread life.

*Performance Ratings are based on the comparison of other Hercules and Ironman branded passenger and light truck tires. Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.
*Valid in the US and Canada only. See the Hercules Limited Protection Policy for complete details and exclusions.

Sizes & Specifications