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Roadtour Connect PCV


This all-season, premium touring tire is the perfect all-in-one, allaround performer. By intelligently combining features from two of our most popular touring tires—the Roadtour® 855 SPE and the Roadtour® 655 MRE—we’ve created one smarter, singular solution that will connect more of your customers with the balanced performance they’re looking for.

Integrated technologies work cohesively to deliver enhanced traction in both wet and snowy conditions, while an innovative overall design with an optimized footprint evenly distributes the tire’s performance features where they matter most: literally where the rubber meets the road.

We took market feedback and combined that with technological advances since the release of the Roadtour® 855 SPE and Roadtour® 655 MRE and created the best all-around solution that maximizes the most important performance attributes while minimizing trade-offs.

Addition of nylon over-wrap for more even wear. Built to deliver 70K miles of performance across all sizes.

Balanced wet and snow performance compared to Roadtour® 655 MRE and Roadtour® 855 SPE.

Added silica for improved wet performance More evenly distributed contact patch for enhanced handling and treadwear.

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Features and Benefits

  1. Optimized Tread Contact Patch - a postcard sized area of the tread is the only part of the tire that makes constant contact with the road. We’ve optimized the size and shape of Roadtour® Connect PCV for a quiet ride and predictable control while improving fuel efficiency.

  2. Smart Interior Construction and an Advanced Silica Tread Compound - promotes increased tread life and enhanced performance in all-season conditions keeping drivers connected to the road when it’s needed most.

  3. Wide Circumferential Center and Intermediate Grooves - a balanced system of alternating and full depth grooves allow water and snow to be expelled from the tread contact patch allowing the vehicle to remain connected to the road throughout the life of the tire.

  4. Unique Corrugated and Full Depth Siping - create biting edges for improved traction, stable handling and confident steering response even as the tire wears.

Connected to your Fitment needs

Fitments and sizes to fit a broad range of popular passenger and crossover vehicles—including many hybrid and EV platforms—the Roadtour® Connect PCV connects more of today’s drivers to the future of all-around performance. (POPULAR FITMENTS, NOT LIMITED TO...)

BMW – 3 Series

CHEVROLET – Malibu, Impala, Equinox

CHRYSLER – Pacifica

FORD – Focus, Fusion, Escape, Explorer

HONDA – Accord, Civic, CR-V, Pilot

HYUNDAI – Elantra, Sonata, Santa Fe, Tucson

KIA – Forte, Soul, Niro (EV)

MAZDA – 3, 6

NISSAN – Altima / Rogue

SUBARU – Crosstrek, Outback, Forester

TOYOTA – Camry, Corolla, RAV4, Highlander, Prius (EV)

VOLKSWAGEN – Jetta, Passat

Performance Promise

Backed by the Hercules Performance Promise: your customers can be confident the Roadtour® Connect PCV will keep them connected to the road longer with a robust 70,000 mile treadwear warranty, a 45 day “Trust our Ride” test drive and road hazard protection across all sizes.

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185/65R15 88H STD BSW
195/65R15 91H STD BSW
1205/65R15 94H STD BSW
195/60R15 88H STD BSW


205/70R16  97H STD BSW
205/65R16  95H STD BSW
205/60R16  92V STD BSW
205/55R16  91V STD BSW
215/65R16  98H STD  BSW
215/60R16  95V STD  BSW
215/55R16XL  97H  XL BSW
225/60R16  98H STD BSW


 205/50R17XL 93V   XL BSW 
 215/65R17 99T  STD  BSW 
215/55R17  94V  STD  BSW 
215/50R17XL  95V  XL  BSW 
215/45R17XL  91V   XL BSW 
 225/65R17  102H STD  BSW 
 225/60R17  99H STD  BSW 
225/55R17   97V STD  BSW 
225/50R17XL  98V  XL  BSW 
225/45R17  91V  STD  BSW 
235/65R17   104H STD  BSW 
235/60R17   102H STD  BSW 
235/55R17  99H  STD  BSW 


 215/55R18  95H STD  BSW 
 225/60R18  100H STD  BSW 
 225/55R18 98H  STD BSW  
225/50R18   95V STD BSW  
225/45R18XL  95V  XL BSW  
235/60R18XL   107V  XL BSW  
235/55R18XL   104V  XL BSW  
 235/50R18  97V STD BSW 
235/45R18   94V STD BSW  


225/55R19  99H STD BSW  
235/55R19XL 105V   XL BSW  
235/40R19XL  96V   XL BSW  


 235/55R20 102H  STD BSW  
245/50R20 102V  STD BSW