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Find Your Tire.

Find What fits You.

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It's as easy as:

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 Achieve HPP Tier Goal by end of Q1 

 Earn Double Rewards

Current Eligible Tires

See this tire Roadtour Connect® PCV

Roadtour Connect® PCV

The only thing that connects you to the road is your tires. That’s why durability, reliability, and security in perfect balance mean so much to how your vehicle performs on the road in any driving condition. Hercules Tires’ new Roadtour Connect PCV is the balanced performer you need to keep your vehicle better connected to the road.

See this tire
See this tire Raptis® R-T5

Raptis® R-T5

The Hercules Raptis R-T5 – Made to Move. With top-tier technologies, innovative design and advanced materials, the bold Hercules Raptis R-T5 all-season UHP tire is changing the very landscape of performance tires. Marrying the year-round versatility of premium touring tires with the confident control of ultra-high performance tires, the Raptis R-T5 delivers the traction, control and longer wear today’s performance cars and high-end sport sedans demand.

See this tire
See this tire Terra Trac® AT X-Journey

Terra Trac® AT X-Journey

Meet the Terra Trac® AT X-Journey, the all-terrain, all-season tire built to take you from an average day to an anything-but-average getaway. The advanced features and next-gen enhancements engineered into the Terra Trac® AT X-Journey enable a quiet, comfortable ride, enhanced wet traction and increased treadlife all while providing confident handling on dirt and gravel strewn terrains.

See this tire
See this tire Terra Trac® Cross-V

Terra Trac® Cross-V

The Hercules Terra Trac Cross-V – All-Around Performance. One-Of-A-Kind Tire. With premium construction and serious all-road capability, the Hercules Terra Trac Cross-V delivers “do-it-all” versatility and performance—wherever the road may lead. The Terra Trac Cross-V was engineered for highly responsive handling on any surface, in any season, citywide to countryside. Truly revolutionary in its class, the Cross-V offers a unique mix of wear resistance, all-weather traction and low rolling resistance rarely found in a tire of its kind.

See this tire

What do you need to do to take advantage of this special?

 Simply meet your year-to-date unit commitments and we will do the rest! No enrollment or paperwork is necessary.

Bronze $2.50 $5.00
Silver  $4.00  $8.00 
Gold  $5.50  $11.00 
Platinum  $6.50  $13.00 
Diamond  $7.50  $15.00 


(Includes February and March)

  • Earn Additional Dollars for Every Tire You Sell
  • Now you can claim additional rewards for every eligible tire sold at retail
  • Just enroll at and submit invoices for each tire sold to consumers
  • Questions: Contact your Hercules Brand Manager or ATD Account Manager for details
Roadtour ConnectTM PCV $2.00 $3.00
Raptis® R-T5 $2.00  $3.00 
Terra Trac® AT X-Journey $3.00  $4.00 
Terra Trac® Cross-V $3.00  $4.00